to the KTM CTY!

Innovations To Make Life Better!

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, KTMCTY is an industry leader in the world of fashion and retail. As the leading fashion and lifestyle retailer in Nepal, we’re here to define the future of retail.

We cemented our status in Nepal as a pillar of style and taste, and since launching in 2013, we're focused on channeling the latest technology to provide unrivaled access to you our customer.

At KTMCTY, we are renowned for our stylish, quality, and affordable fashion. Whether simplicity or a brand new head-to-toe look, we pride ourselves on being the perfect store to pick everything you need.

We design fashionable collections of exceptional quality for a fair price. And thanks to you our customer, we inspire people to feel confident, stylishly tune-in and vibe with those around them.


Mission & Vision

Our aim is innovation to make life better and enhancing cultural awareness through visually appealing design. With innovative designs and illustrations, the ultimate aim of KTMCTY is to create an international brand with a cultural and social purpose.

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Why Choose Us ?

Life is better together: we design to connect!

All our merchandise is in-house design, created to endure through time both in style and quality

24/7 Available

We are available and open 24/7, so browse our handpicked and curated range of luxury fashion items from our great collections at your own leisure.

Choice For All

You're wonderfully unique. And we do everything we can to help you find your fit, offering our KTMCTY Brands for both gender and in different sizes.
All sizes are provided at the same price – so you can be confident we've got the perfect thing for you.

Guaranteed Stress-Free Shopping

Your time is valuable. Hence, we've designed our store to provide a stress-free shopping experience that allows you to access your desired collection convenient and with ease.
At KTMCTY, we're passionate about what we do, and most importantly, we have fun doing it. By weaving our brand through everything we do, from marketing and social media to our people and store environments – we ensure you not only look good but feel great too.
We are glad you found your way to our shop, and we hope you enjoy stress-free shopping experience.